Why we must re:invent, re:define, re:target ?

May 06, 2019

Everyone is unique, every business is unique, every profession is unique, yet we try to solve it with same sword. Rahim had said correctly below.

रहिमन देख बड़ेन को, लघु न दीजे डारि ।
जहां काम आवै सुई, कहाँ करे तरवारि ||

Each time a  product is customized to liking of a specific group, it starts to make sense. A SUV makes sense for large family, and a luxurious single seat sport car make a lot of sense for a wealthy.

When a consumer experiences whats been customized for his/her liking, the pleasure of consumption multiplies. Its imminent to see the innovation happening in social next (Yes, I call it social next).

The major social networks are so bloated with features & distraction, users try and adjust to features, make room for their great plans of what they think they could do with it. And yet it just doesn't work all the time.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the values that these networks bring in, but there is harsh truth as well, the promise to make our professional life better from social network has fallen on its face.

We must re:invent, re:define, re:target, create relatively smaller but focused social network, where the features and privacy is designed looking at which professional is going to use it.

If we can tackle the problem of 'Target Audience' with this, I think we have conquer the 'The Real Social Network'

Anuj Pandey

An accomplished Software Professional by qualification, his strong liking for bleeding edge technologies, coupled with keen business acumen put him into the driver's seat of e10 since its inception.

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